What The Puck?

Whether you believe in Santa Claus or not, you won’t believe these plays.  Scoring with your opponents stick, Maple Leafs fans saying Lego my Eggo and Long Island goes from Coliseum to Colisee?  Things that make one ask, what the puck?  And the video evidence.

During recent action in Anaheim what started with Minnesota Wild Mikko Koivu taking away the Anaheim Ducks Bobby Ryan’s stick, ended with the puck in the back of the net and Ryan scoring with the help of Koivu’s stick.  Queue the video:

Have you ever had maple syrup from Canada?  Sweet stuff just hits the spot.  Even in tough times Toronto Maple Leafs fans aren’t one to waffle, but that doesn’t mean some of their fans are necessarily above tossing them onto the ice.

Finally you thought it was bad when New York Rangers fans invaded the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.  Recently the old building was turned into the Quebec Colisee, filled at the top with over 1,000 Quebec Nordiques fans.  The game between the New York Islanders and Atlanta Thrashers served as a sidebar as the Quebecers made their presence known, lobbying for a new NHL club and commerating the 15 years that have gone by since Les Nordiques left for the Rockies to become the Colorado Avalanche.

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